Sunday, 10 February 2013

UNISA Assignment 1 (BPT1501)

The Roles of a teacher can be many throughout the course of a day. This picture is taken of me in the grade R  class, at the school where I work  First and foremost I would need to create a loving environment, one that inspires creativity and where learners feel secure, accepted and respected, in order to facilitate learning.
The picture includes a background of many visual aides, to create a learning program that appeals not only to auditory senses but visual ones too. A program and materials, that would not only suit the South African context, but be appropriate to the differing needs of the learners and be adaptable to suit the style and pace of each learner. Having Down syndrome learners that are part of the inclusive programme of the school, the visual aides are very important in their learning needs, as they are visual learners more than auditory. In this picture the learners are actively involved in the lesson, it is here that I hope to portray how a teacher can involve the learners in the learning process.
I would as a teacher need to be a lifelong learner myself, not only inspiring my learners to explore our world and gain knowledge, insight and skills, but also to develop my own knowledge and skills, through example attending workshops and being open to grow and develop in whatever areas I can, academic, occupational and professional. I would need to have a thorough knowledge of my learning area and be confident in my approach. This too would include integrating the assessing of my learners and having a good understanding of the different assessment methods. I love this picture as it shows all the learners gathered around me and as a good teacher I would need to be aware of my learners, their participation, their needs and being able to assess my own teaching methods by observation. I find that I can learn so much about my teaching just by watching the reactions of my learners, as well as seeing their progress.
I would also need to develop communication not only between myself and the learners, but with the parents and caregivers too. I feel that as a team working together with the learner, parent, as well as other staff members and specialists, (if necessary) communication and involvement can go a long way in aiding a positive learning environment. Parents themselves may at times need support and have questions about their learners.
I also need to see that I am prepared not only for lessons but that I am punctual and carry out my class administrative duties efficiently. Planning, decision making and creating an organized learning environment are part of managing your day correctly, yet being flexible to the changing needs of the day or circumstances.
Being real with my learners, open to questions and trying to see their point of view, being approachable and yet firm when it is necessary.
Finally this picture also shows me being involved with my class and the activity, it shows a smile on my face as I enjoy the learning process along with my learners. Leading learners down the path of knowledge, and doing it in such a way, that they want to follow, not because they must, but for the joy of exploring the unknown.